The fastest way to develop software is to stand on the shoulder of giants and reuse the knowledge and software that is already available. Through open source, we can cooperate with a greater community. This accelerates development, improves quality and it lets us share the maintenance burden with the community.
We develop software open source first and we want to help you understand how to take advantage of this. Our services range from software development, to training and consulting. All with a focus on how to improve your product in a modern world.


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We provide expert services for software development. Our expertize is embedded systems where we combine Linux, Yocto, Qt, and more to build dedicated systems for your scenarios.
Through our extensive network we can also help you find experts for specific technologies of your choice.


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We have experiences from arranging meetups, conferences, recruitment events as well as dedicated trainings and workshops on various topics such as licensing, specific technologies as well as how to work in an open source context.
Does your team need training or inspiration, or does your company need to be seen we can help.


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With our extensive network of leading open source experts we can advice you with feasibility studies, technology choices, project integration strategies and more. Our expertise includes community, licensing, technology.
You ask the questions, we provide the experts, the analysis and the report.

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We are based out of western Sweden, but are used to working internationally.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or an initial meeting.