We are active in a number of projects ranging from organizing events to concrete implementations. The links below lead to some of the highlights.


explained logo
The Koderize Explained series is a set of short, to-the-point tutorials explaining commonly encountered misconceptions and questions.


foss-north logo
The foss-north conference is an annual conference held every spring in Gothenburg. The event is focused on the technical aspects of free and open source technology, but also methodology and community building.


foss-gbg logo
The foss-gbg meetup is the little brother of foss-north. It is a montly meetup in Gothenburg and hosts various local and international speakers in the field of free and open source.


Gothenburg C++ logo
The gbgcpp meetup arranges montly meetings in Gothenburg for learning and discussing around C++.


Qt logo
With more than twenty years of work with Qt, it is hard to list all contributions. This includes spoken at multiple Qt developer summits, produced training materials, written numerous articles on Qt, as well as the book Foundations of Qt Development available from Apress.


qmlbook logo
The leading text on QML is the on-line open source book Qt 5 Cadaques, also known as the QML book.


meta-kf5 logo
Implemented the initial meta-kf5 layer which later got adopted by the KDE project as yocto-meta-kf5. This meta layer brings KDE Frameworks to Yocto and embedded systems.